[eighteen-D] Lolikko Strip RPG3 -Kemomimi Fantasy- / [えいんてぃーど] ロリっ娘☆脱衣RPG3——けもみみファンタジー——

A world where everyone is petite.
In the countryside of this world ther was a hamlet of animal-people.
Each year, for one day, the animal-people had a grand battle festival where everyone enthusiastically clashed swords.
This year a runt cobalt named Luto had her heart set on winning.
Small even for an animal-person, Luto dreamed of nothing more than winning that battle.
This year she would get it for sure.
She trained with her boxer-bunny friend Vanilla.
She still didn’t know the whole truth about the festival.
The hidden “animal-god plan” behind the facade of battle.
Luto’s fate… no, the fate of all animal-people…
was all about to come full bear.

Release: 2013/01/05
File type: exe
Genre: RPG, lolicon, oral, humanoid robot, leggings, fantasy, animal ears
Language: japanese
Interface: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 108.1MB


[eighteen-D] Lolikko Strip RPG3 -Kemomimi Fantasy- / [えいんてぃーど] ロリっ娘☆脱衣RPG3——けもみみファンタジー—— updated: November 25, 2015 author: admin

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  1. chris

    (osanagocoronokimini) the sleeping beauties (ver1.3) Fallen link can not be downloaded Fix it please I want to play :3


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